My Mistakes

Peek A Boo Band-Aid, Where Are You?

When L was about 6 months old, I experienced a true “oh crap, what do I do” parenting moment. In short…she swallowed a Band-Aid. Yes, folks, she literally swallowed a Band-Aid. Like the kind the pediatrician puts on your kid’s finger just after a finger prick. This was just around the time L gave up her pacifier for her fingers (pointer and middle).  After a check up, we left the doctor’s office and went home. I’m pretty positive the Band-Aid was still on when I put her into the carseat. However, by the time we were home it was off. I freaked out! I checked all over the carseat, her clothes, the car, but no Band-Aid. That’s when I the “oh crap, what do I do” moment kicked in. How could I admit to my husband that I just let our new baby swallow a Band-Aid? And definitely not my mother. I was trying my hardest to prove to her that I was a great, not just good, mommy.  I watched L like a hawk for the next few hours. She was totally fine. I figured it had to come out one way or another. So I waited, and waited, and waited. Sure enough, the next day there it was….in her diaper. Still in the folded shape it was when the doctor put it around her little finger. Thank the LORD! All was well with L, so all was well in the universe.

Mama’s Mantra: Make sure the finger prick is done on the non-sucker hand! Or at least remove the bandaid immediately after the leaving the doctor’s office if your child has an oral fixation.

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