My Mistakes

And It’s Only Kindergarten

Girl drawing back to school

Fast forward 5 years…

And I had my first homework fail. As the parent of a kindergarten, I had to monitor all homework assignments. That included helping L with homework and timely placing it in her backpack for school. It was supposed to be returned only on Fridays. Well….this mommy was away for two days (thank goodness for a mid-week work/play island getaway with the hubby) that I forgot to “timely” pack the homework Thursday night or early Friday morning. So needless to say, L went to school without her homework. Was this simple mistake going to be detrimental to her success in kindergarten or reputation with the teacher? hmmm. maybe. Regardless, I felt like crap. One simple task was overlooked and I felt like the dummy. Thankfully, L had an event at school this morning that I was planning to attend. I quickly flew into high gear, grabbed her homework and drove to school. I saw L on the basketball court with her class and hundreds of other students and parents waiting for the event to start. Amidst the blarring music, warm-up stretches, and counting down seconds before the event was to begin, I folded up L’s homework into a small, crumpled up stack, ran up to her and shoved it into her tiny short’s pocket. She looked at me like I was nuts as I told her it was her homework and she had to give it to her teacher once the event was over.

This wasn’t a case of my dog ate my homework, but rather my mommy just forgot about her one simple task. Oops…

Mama’s Mantra: Teach your kids accountability, even if it means you might look bad.

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