My Mistakes

Straight Jackets at the Dentist


We recently had our 6 month dental checkups. Our pediatric dentist, also known as my brother, has been cleaning the girls’ teeth since each were 1 years old.  All 3 girls got their first two teeth at 5 months on the dot. We are very predictable.

Although I always love seeing my brother for a quick mid-week visit, I used to dread the inevitable storm of screaming and tears that ensued.  However, one visit in particular remains pretty vivid still in my memory. I added another notch in my bad mom belt that day. In short, the entire office, including staff and patients, witnessed me yell at L – “SIT STILL OR I’LL PUT A STRAIGHT JACKET ON YOU!”

Yea, saying that out loud again about 4 years later still sounds horrendous. The X-Ray tech and myself had been trying to get L to stop throwing a tantrum over her attempt to avoid the “alligator” clip, or the x-ray holder. After about 15 minutes, I just lost it. She was not giving in and my patience was gone.  So, out came the words….

Ask me if that changed the situation.  The answer is NO. All it did was make me look ridiculous and I’m sure completely embarrass my brother in front of his office staff and patients. A total parental fail and that’s about all I can say.

Mama’s Mantra: Choose your words wisely. We all lose our cool and it’s ok. But don’t forget to use your filter.

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