Baby 101

The Baby Shusher – A Gift from God


If there’s one thing that has saved my sanity since baby H’s arrival, it’s this. The Baby Shusher. It just might be a true gift from God. The creation of this baby sound machine has completely and utterly transformed my parenting of a new baby. Why on earth did I not invent this? It’s so simple, it’s sick. Makes me realize that the more complex and seemingly “innovative” a baby product might appear does not always mean it fulfills its intended purpose.

The Baby Shusher literally says “shhhhhhhhhhhhh.” And that’s ALL! It mimics a parent’s voice simply saying a long, drawn out shush over and over again. It has two timer settings and a volume control. Seriously, that’s all it does.  I kid you not the first time I used it, H fell asleep in 15 seconds. Swear I’m not exaggerating!!  We were in the car headed to pick up L from camp and H was about 2 months old. She was over tired and having a hard time falling asleep. I turned on the Baby Shusher, which was strategically placed on her car seat, and BAM! her screaming went silent and she fell asleep in seconds.  Since that day I have jerry-rigged it to her car seat using the handy travel strap included in the box.  As soon as it goes on, H turns silent.  Shusher = sleep.

I stumbled upon the product during a lazy stroll through Buy Buy Baby one morning.  It was priced a bit more than I thought necessary ($34.99).  But with my 20% off coupon in hand, I figured what the hell. Worst case scenario, I return it. I know I’ll be back to BBB in a day or so because what else is there to do with a newborn when it’s 90 degrees outside in Florida in June.  Not only did I not return the Baby Shusher, but I’ve been singing it’s praises to high heaven since day 1. I have paid it forward to many moms who had never seen or heard of it. They have since bought it, used it, and thanked me profusely for the recommendation.  So there you go. If you haven’t already, GO BUY IT!!! Worth every single stinking penny. Top 3 items to bring to my deserted island.

Mama’s Mantra: A little shhhhhh never sounded so good!

Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle

**photo cred: courtesy of images labeled for reuse

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