My Mistakes

Worst Tooth Fairy Ever.


Tooth #6 and I almost forgot to make the switch. I want to preface this post with the fact that I was pregnant with baby girl #3 when this happened.  So, needless to say, my brain wasn’t functioning at max capacity.  Yet, this was still a major parental fail.

So L lost tooth #6, which she even pulled out herself. A huge accomplishment for her! We went through the typical tooth losing protocol – take out tooth fairy pillow (my old one that my mom made me), put in the tooth, ask the tooth fairy for $ or perhaps some shopkins, and place it nicely under her pillow (and slightly towards the edge so Mama could find it in the dark). As the night went on I got sleepy and went to bed. And TOTALLY forgot about my tooth fairy responsibility!!  Thankfully, L was so anxious about her tooth that she woke me up around 1am to tell me that the tooth fairy hadn’t come yet. *Cue HOLY SHIT moment. I walked her back to be bed, reminding her that the tooth fairy hadn’t forgotten. Little did she know that the tooth fairy completely forgot and hence royally F’ED UP!! Back in my bedroom, I scrambled to find some dollar bills in the dark. With $5 in hand, I laid back down for a bit to ensure that L had time to fall back asleep. Forty five minutes later, I snuck in her room and made the switch – totally sweating the whole time expecting for her to wake up.

Thank the Lord, her paranoia woke me up too, otherwise tooth #6 would still be in the pillow, and L would have been devastated! How would I have explained that to her in the morning – Sorry the tooth fairy had better things to do.

*And yes that is L’s note to the tooth fairy requesting 12 shopkins in lieu of money

Mama’s Mantra: Don’t allow yourself to go to bed until all of your parental responsibilities are taken care of. Set a reminder on your phone, if necessary.

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