Baby 101

Hands in the Air and Freeze

love-to-dream-sleep-swaddleI owe my amazing nights sleep to this company – Love to Dream. Seriously, the creators of the Love the Dream sleep swaddle are the baby sleep whisperers. The invention of the Love to Swaddle Up Original could possibly help every parent of a newborn regain instant sleep. This genius swaddle allows babies to sleep in a natural position that was assumed in utero. Babies love to sleep with their hands up by their face.  This freeing position allows babies to self soothe, by rubbing their face and sucking on their hands at will.  It’s the same position we all saw when we watched our baby on an ultrasound.  The baby wasn’t positioned as if wearing a straight jacket.  But rather had free motion with his/her hands. The swaddle also lets baby’s legs lay splayed out in a froggy leg style.

As a mom of three I have experimented with many different sleep swaddles and sleep sacks over the years. I’m a sleep sack -a-holic.  My older girls wore sleep sacks well over 3.5 years old. Why? Because I knew they’d always stay warm despite how much they may roll around at night.  My fellow mom friends and family continually joked with me about how silly my kids looked in them. But I ignored the laughter. It worked for me and that’s all that mattered.

Along those lines, you have to use what works for you. If you’ve already found a sleep sack you like, then go with it.  But if you’re still struggling with sleepless nights, a Houdini baby that miraculously squirms out of the Miracle Blanket Swaddle, or just plain hate mastering the burrito blanket swaddle technique in the dark, try the Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original – you’ll thank me later! I promise!

When your baby has outgrown the Stage 1 swaddle, move on up to Stage 2, that’s what Baby H is sporting.

Mama’s Mantra: The Mother of All Sleep Sacks – Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original

(Images from google – labeled for reuse)

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