Randoms by Mama

So I’m Not Going Crazy

2f2c252eb73d7ea3_StockSnap_Y3TGPUFVCH_1_The more kids you have, the greater chance you will call them by the wrong name.  I witnessed this growing up as my Dad constantly blurred our three names into one and called us “Jarrell.” He couldn’t get it straight no matter what. We laughed and thought that’s just our silly father. But now as a mom of 3 I do this on a daily basis. I smack my head with bewilderment every time I do. Yes, I’m totally turning into my father, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

This article gives a decent explanation as to why we do this. Apparently, it’s a sign of love. Not craziness, dementia, or some sort of favoritism.

Pop Sugar – Why Moms Call Their Kids By the Wrong Names (photo courtesy)

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