My Mistakes

This SH*& Is F*&%ing Funny


I have a potty mouth. I try hard to keep it under wraps and only use it when in the company of other swearers. I don’t know what it is about cursing, but I fucking love it. The extra emphasis it puts on the content of your speech is just plain funny shit. So forgive me if my truck driver language gets throw in sometimes. I don’t intend to come off as ignorant or uneducated. I just enjoy a good ‘ole f-bomb sometimes.

Keeping my four letter words out of my daily vernacular can be a tough task some days. Especially on the days when my girls are acting like total assholes.  I won’t curse in front of them, but I’m not gonna a lie – some words may escape under my breath as I stomp out of the room in frustration. Whether they’ve heard them or not, I’m hoping for the latter.

Once, however, M dropped the f bomb so appropriately I seriously had to bite my lip to avoid bursting out loud in hysterics. We were sitting in a long ass car line to pick L up from elementary school. And M says, “What’s with all the fucking cars today?” (insert the emoji laughing with tears here!).  Although I desperately wanted to turn around and give her a high five for her correct use of the swear word, I opted for the proper parenting response instead. “M, that language is not appropriate for children, and I don’t want to hear it out of your mouth again. Understand me?”

Anyways, this article and video from Pop Sugar sums up my sentiments exactly.  I dare you not to laugh.

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