Randoms by Mama

A Normal Day

Just when you think that your days are LONG and the years are SHORT, you see something that gives you a new perspective. I’m not gonna lie – this video gave me a little bit of an ugly cry.  It’s real and hits home. Now that baby H turned one, I’m starting to feel a little sadness on the fast pace of life.  It’s a blessing to watch my children grow and thrive, but it’s also a reminder that life is passing by and those earlier moments are no longer there. I’m a very sentimental person by nature so it doesn’t take much for me to get all gushy with my feelings. But anyways…. watch this awesome Video of a Normal Day.  It’s sure to make you think a little differently… and maybe elicit a tear or two.


(M’s school artwork for a Mother’s Day event – drawing of us two. Apparently, I love to watch the news. Guess she doesn’t know about my reality tv and HGTV addiction.)

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