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To Pierce or Not to Pierce

I have three daughters and all three have their ears pierced.  For one of them it was her choice.  That’s L.  She was 2 and begging for her ears to be pierced. I hadn’t pierced them yet because I was so apprehensive to “tarnish” the newness that was my first born child. But at 2, she knew what she wanted.  I was pregnant with M at that time so I promised her that she and the baby could do it at the same time. I followed through with that promise.  M was only 5 months but this time around I wasn’t so hesitant. And so they both got pierced.  It hurt my heart just a smidge to see my second new baby girl get tagged so early on.  Let’s not forget too, that this was done in a pediatrician’s office with the most sterile equipment possible.

Of course, as soon as H was old enough, she too followed in her sisters’ footsteps and got pierced at 5 months.  Any regrets from this mama?  Heck no! Did I enjoy hearing them scream for a few seconds because they had to be cradled tightly so they’d sit still? Of course not! But I’m glad I spared them the memory of an ear piercing.

My husband initially didn’t like the idea because he wanted the girls to know and remember the discomfort of the piercing in the hopes they wouldn’t want to do it again. But seriously, would that have discouraged anything for the future? Most likely not.  I pierced my second hole on the streets of Israel when I was in high school.  Yet, my friends took it a step further and pierced their nose, upper ear cartilage and belly button. I was the minority keeping it simple with the ear.  Girls are going to do what they want, whether they think it might hurt or not.

FullSizeRender (1)
Post Ear Pierce – Does she look upset to you?!

This article, Piercing Your Daughter’s Ears, from PopSugar attempted to poke at my bad mom self. But I’m confident in my decision to pierce them young. So there!! :)>


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