Randoms by Mama

#GirlMOM – How you know you are one


We, #GirlMOMs, must stick together. Being a mom to 3 girls is proving itself an interesting task. It conjures up mass amounts of patience, deep breathes, and positive imagery! All moms experience those things. But being a girl mom comes along with a whole lot of behaviors that only those of us lucky enough to have a house full of estrogen can understand.  Here are some of my favorites. Which one is yours??

Your constantly missing hair brush that once you find it is covered with hair that’s not yours and most likely belongs to a doll.

All of your nail polish bottles lined up in parade around your bathroom.

Little girl purses filled with your old cell phone and car keys, slimey lipgloss, hairbands knotted with ripped out hair, and a random business card. (Now that almost sounds like a hooker’s purse?! – hmmm)

Your fancy makeup mirror with color finger prints smudged all around

You iphone safari page opened up to a Youtube channel of inappropriate Beyonce videos

Babydolls with no clothes on and faces drawn on with purple marker

A laundry basket filled with 6 outfit changes for the past two days

School backpacks filled with one school folder, plastic rhinestone sunglasses, lipgloss, plastic bangles, pretend musical phones, fuzzy keychains, antibacterial hand sanitizer, and a gummy snack wrapper.

Their shoe bin stuffed with one pair of sandals, sneakers, and 5 pairs of plastic princess shoes

Long strands of individual hair all over the house

Just to name a few…..




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