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Hair Dye Drama


Today is my oldest daughter’s 8th birthday and this article couldn’t be anymore on point. She has been BEGGING me for months now to dye her hair. Celebrities have done it, friends have done it, moms of friends have done it, cousins have done it, the list is endless. Why can’t she do it?! Why, Mommy, Why??!! That’s all I’ve heard from her for months. So, yup, as always, I folded. But it’s on my terms. It was a birthday gift and a surprise. I finally told her to stop asking and allow some things to be a surprise. I didn’t know if she would get temporary color on long strands or semi-permanent on the tips.  She has dark colored hair so it was a bit more complicated. Again, I had to fold and allow her virgin beautiful hair to get lightened prior to the color. But in the end, this wasn’t a battle I was about to wage. Things could be worse, so if the girl wants some color, I’ll give her some color. Just an itty bitty amount anyways.

But this article just about pushed it over the edge for me, anyways. However, color is temporary, and yet I pierced ears at 5 months.  So maybe I should be judged more than this mom who allowed her 2 year old to dye her hair hot pink!? You be the judge…  Check out this article from Popsugar.

Moms Dyes Toddler’s Hair Pink


photo credit: OwlLens <a href=”″>11/31</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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